A flower is a specialised structure in flowering plants that bears reproductive organs, such as stamens and pistils. They play an important role in plant reproduction and produce the fruits and seeds that we know and love. Angiosperms, or flowering plants, are also known as angiosperms. The parts of a flower include a carpel and stamens, or both. Regardless of its reproductive function, a flower serves a variety of functions.

The basic game of Flowers involves playing cards against an idyllic backdrop of green grass and a clear blue sky. The symbols in this slot include a bluebell, lily, sunflower, Venus fly trap, and more. The wild symbol is also present and is used to create winning lines. The double symbol will increase the player’s chances of a prize if they hit on the same line twice. The perks of this game are reflected in the average payout, which is 15,000 times the stake.

In addition to the multiplier bonus, the free spins feature is another attractive feature of Flowers. In addition to a stacked wild, the game also offers a free spins round with bet multipliers. A maximum payout of 15,000 times your bet makes this slot one of the top NetEnt slot games. With its many benefits, this game continues to be a popular addition to the NetEnt catalogue. And its simplicity is one of its main attractions.